Planning to “Bunch” Charitable Deductions This Year? Don’t Forget the Carryover Rules

The 2017 tax act created a new 60% charitable deduction limit for cash contributions to public charities. The concept sounds great – it promotes charitable giving and allows a deduction to generous donors. However, obtaining optimal deductions will involve careful planning by donors and their advisors. The new 60% charitable deduction limit refers to a donor’s contribution base, which […]

Easing the Pain of Extensions

Extensions can be misunderstood by clients, but the extensions can be helpful to the weary practitioner during tax season. Learn how to make the extension process go smoothly with your clients.

Tax-Planning Tips for Individuals as Year-End Approaches

Catherine Murray As 2015 comes to a close, taxpayers are once again facing uncertainty as Congress has yet to act on a host of important provisions that expired at the end of 2014. Although these temporary tax provisions have been routinely extended for years, the possibility that Congress could let them remain expired or only […]